Double Standards

December 18th, 2010

Had an interesting conversation today about double standards regarding how each sex ought to be.

The reason why this came up was because we over heard a couple arguing about which chores they should do because that is how it’s suppose to be. I asked “suppose to be what…” to myself.

The double standard is different for each sex.

For men, they are suppose to be strong, silent, physical, working all the time; however, at the same time while with their significant other, they must show compassion, emotions, have sensitivity, and be nurturing.

For women, they are suppose to be sexy, daring, adventourous, speak only when spoken to, a caterer, and house warmer; however, at the same time, they need to be a mother, spend time with the family, a teacher, a mentor, and a virgin.

See how these sides clash on how society wants you to be both.

In school, I never was able to fit into one genre. I played every sport: MVP in pretty much everything I did at some time or another in high school/college; was a thespian: could not act well, but participated and practiced; played an instrument: french horn for 7 years; built computers and had LAN parties with friends: most friends and I were a part of the IT in high school; and held a construction and maintenance job: any weekday, besides when attending class, I worked at the school to maintain and repair it.

There are 3 different types of people. Those who are the majority, but fight as if they are the minority; those who are the majority, but agree with the minority and do nothing about it; and those who are the majority and are the voice for the minority.

Right now this pertains to gay rights. Even if the current battle is pushed off, it will resurface in 15 years max. The minority thought currently is those who do not agree with the purposed changes. The majority, but does not know it are those that agree with this choice, but does not act.

In general, will you be that agent of change?

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User Bars

December 13th, 2010

Found this interesting…create your own user bar!

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Accounts back up

December 8th, 2010

Throughout my gaming history, accounts have come and gone – whether they were my own, friends, or guild mates. Sometimes I can still remember moments in different games ranging from great successes to dreadful conversations. I remember the first time being killed by another player or when someone on the game boards mentions your name. I’ll be honest… there are some people I will never forget because of their respect, gratitude, and helpfulness.


This post goes out to all of those gamers that aid rather than scam, fight until death rather than running away, …play for each other rather than their own greed.

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December 6th, 2010

Just got my Atlantica Online accounts back from a suspension. After talking to a GM, a friend’s account had gotten hacked a few days ago. Previous to this, I had logged into his account to do something for him. Well by association, all accounts on my IP address were banned.

Ever get banned?

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December as its best

December 6th, 2010

Ever needed privacy at the airport?

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Last days of November

November 28th, 2010

Birthday month is coming to an end….but there’s always another holiday around the corner.

Cleaning and gaming today — picture of the day!

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Changing Times

November 28th, 2010

Changed the theme to encompass the layout that I was looking for. Finally got Twitter to work with the site – might still have some bugs. Follow me on Twitter @Bard_Calibrex .

I also can not seem how to have a picture gallery or have them on the front page rather than just on the post.

Stay tuned for more site updates.

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There is Always a Beginning

November 27th, 2010

Welcome. This is the start of a story following a bard through modern day.

Calibrex is a self-created persona used to define and portray my favorable and wanted characteristics in both medieval/dark ages and today. Not sure how I exactly came up with the name, but it has stuck with me since my pre-teen years.

Since the beginning of my video games years of online multiplayer role playing games, I have always loved the characters and abilities of that which aid, buff, and heal others. I, myself, would evolve with him through the years as we both aged either from video game to video game or from work & school to the next year of events and challenges.

Follow me and listen to tales of what it means to be Calibrex.

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